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[Fshare]Learning and teaching practices in KinderWorld International School

Under the led by the Communist Party and the State, education always paid much attention to development and improvement quality. MP has stressed that it is one of keys to help Vietnam have enough qualifies and skills to join the WTO, there are lots of challenges and opportunities ahead. In fact Viet Nam’s education system hasn’t met social needs. Therefore, with policies open door, there are alot of foreign investers come to Viet Nam to find oppotunities and KinderWorld is a big investor in educational area. In our limited knowledge we offer scale and methods in learning and teaching practice in KinderWorld International School that aim to find comparations with thoughs between Vietnam schools and International schools. We hope to recieve readers ideas then. There are 3 chapters in this report.

• Chapter one: Introduction to KinderWorld International School

• Chapter two: Learning and teaching practices in KinderWorld International School

• Chapter three: Remarks and Suggestions





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