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[Fshare]Conclusion and implication

Boyd & Ronald (1989) identify two major goals of teacher evaluation, i.e. assessment of teacher competence and encouragement of teacher professional development. The present study investigates the perception of lower secondary school teachers in Hanoi about the teacher evaluation through the current teaching assessment-criteria, which are used in Hanoi. Survey questionnaires were collected from 30 teachers who are teaching English in lower secondary schools and 10 teachers’ evaluators from different districts in Hanoi. The survey was followed by semi-structured interviews with 7 respondents in an attempt to find out their thoughts about the current teaching assessment criteria in terms of their objectivity, practicality and assessibility. With regard to the role of teaching evaluation, the teaching assessment criteria make a good contribution to the effectiveness of teaching English at schools in Hanoi. However, more detailed indicators of the assessment sheet should be designed and the peculiarities of the subject should be concerned to make the teaching assessment more effective.








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