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[Fshare]How to maximize part-Time students’ involvement in english speaking lessons at hai phong foreign languages centre

How to maximize part-Time students’ involvement in english


speaking lessons at hai phong foreign languages centre



It can not be denied that English is very important nowadays. It is considered to be a very significant and necessary tool used in many fields such as science, technology, diplomacy and so on. It is seen as a means to bridge the gap and promote mutual understanding and cooperation among countries in the world. In Vietnam, at present, the role of English has been more and more increasingly crucial because of the fact that Vietnam has succeeded in becoming an official member of WTO since 2006. Being aware of the great significance of English, more and more people desire to master it in hope of making English an useful means to serve their own purposes. For the above mentioned reasons, English has been taught not only in Universities, Colleges but also at Foreign Languages Centres. As a teacher of English at Hai Phong Foreign Languages Centre - Hai Phong University where a great number of learners come to learn and hope to have a good command of English. As for them, the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are very important but speaking skill is given the top priority among the four. “Speaking in a second or foreign language has often been viewed as the most demanding of the four skills.” (Bailey, Kathleen M. & Savage, Lance, 1994:vii). Bygate, Martin also shares the same opinion as of Bailey M. & Savage Lance when he states “Speaking is, however, a skill with deservers attention every bit as much as literary skill, in both first and second languages.” (1987:vii). For the reason that speaking is the direct communication helping learners achieve their goals of learning and working. With students, they can pass oral examinations at Universities or FLC easily, and those who work with foreign partners wish to use English effectively to negotiate and gain contracts as well as attract investment from foreign companies.











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