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23/07/2022 12:07 # 1
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Ngày gia nhập: 03/03/2021
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[RESEARCH] "Hiệu ứng Apoptotic chọn lọc của chất lỏng hoạt tính Plasma trên các tuyến tế bào ung thư người"

Plasma medicine is a new field focusing on biomedical and clinical applications of cold gas plasmas, including their anticancer effects. Cold plasmas can be applied directly or indirectly as plasma-activated liquids (PAL). The effects of plasma-activated cell growth medium (PAM) and plasma-activated phosphate buffered saline (PAPBS) were tested, using a plasma pen generating streamer corona discharge in ambient air, on different cancer cell lines (melanoma A375, glioblastoma LN229 and pancreatic cancer MiaPaCa-2) and normal cells (human dermal fibroblasts HDFa). The viability reduction and apoptosis induction were detected in all cancer cells after incubation in PAL. In melanoma cells we focused on detailed insights to the apoptotic pathways. The anticancer effects depend on the plasma treatment time or PAL concentration. The first 30 min of incubation in PAL were enough to start processes leading to cell death. In fibroblasts, no apoptosis induction was observed, and only PAPBS, activated for a longer time, slightly decreased their viability. Effects of PAM and PAPBS on cancer cells showed selectivity compared to normal fibroblasts, depending on correctly chosen activation time and PAL concentration, which is very promising for potential clinical applications. This selectivity effect of PAL is conceivably induced by plasma-generated hydrogen peroxide.
Có thể là hình ảnh về văn bản cho biết 'HDFa PAM 120 100 HDFa- -PAPBS TR 1 60 Aliqeia 20 40 control min_ 50% 50% min_ min 100% 100% 5 min_ min_ min_ 2.5 min_50% W 50% 50% min min_ w 100% 100% 2.5 2.5 control) 100 120 of 80 (% 60 viability * 20 れ IH 0 IH control (100%) PBS (50%) 50% 50% 50% w 2.5 min_ min_ min_100% 100% 100%_ min_ 50% min 5min_100%_ 100% PBS 2.5 min 25m 5min_ (b) (a)'


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