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Khóa Học Online Miễn Phí Về Quản Lý Chuỗi Cung Ứng: Supply Chain Management Specialization Từ Đại Học Rutgers

Best Free Online Course at Rutgers University

Many students and professionals from developing countries can’t afford to get a quality education from the best universities and top organizations. That is why we have organized a list of a top free online course. Candidates can get an education anywhere, due to free courses.

Rutgers University is a public university that was established in the year 1766. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 36,039, its setting is a city, and the campus size is 2,685 acres. The university offers financial aid and scholarship programs for those who wish to study abroad and it is also to international students across the world with over 180 study programs.

Below are the best online certification courses at Rutgers University for beginners to consider where they can start their online learning. All the Best!!

Supply Chain Management Specialization

Rutgers University is presenting this free online course named as Career Supply Chain Management Specialization. This course is an introduction to the fascinating world of Supply Chain Management. When you complete the Supply Chain Management Specialization you will have a richer understanding of the complexities that companies are facing in today’s global networked economy.


Provider: Rutgers University
Subject: Business
Duration:  20 weeks
Start Date: Open
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