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08/10/2011 12:10 # 1
Cấp độ: 3 - Kỹ năng: 1

Kinh nghiệm: 2/30 (7%)
Kĩ năng: 1/10 (10%)
Ngày gia nhập: 02/10/2011
Bài gởi: 32
Được cảm ơn: 1
Advent Rising[FWT][MF]

Advent Rising

Large Cover

Published by: Majesco
Developed by: GlyphX Inc.
Release Date: May 31, 2005
Genre: Third-Person Action

About This Game
Advent Rising is a third-person, intergalactic action/adventure epic, akin to a fast-paced action movie where the player is swept up in an ever-evolving series of sequences and events. Built on Epic Games' Unreal Warfare Engine, Advent Rising offers up the legend that a powerful, ancient race will one day unite the universe. Millions of cultures from vastly distant worlds revere and hallow these mythological beings known as humans. One race, the Seekers, know humans actually exist and are threatened by their potential power. Under the guise of benevolent explorers, the Seekers travel throughout the galaxy in a desperate attempt to eradicate any human society they unearth. Players assume the role of Gideon Wyeth, a remnant of the last human outpost, on the brink of discovering the incredible powers that lay dormant within him.
ESRB Rating: T for Blood, Language, Violence
Genre: Third-Person Action
Also Available On: PC
Release Date: May 31, 2005
MSRP: $29.99

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