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[Fshare]An investigation into the sentence patterns used in travle advertisements on english and vietnamese websites

Advertising is a device to arouse consumers' attention to a commodity and induce them to use it. In the increasingly keen competition of the market economy, advertising is an important means of scrambling for markets. According to the American Marketing Association, Chicago, "Advertising is any paid form of non personal presentation of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor." Advertising is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. Advertising has become the part and parcel of present-day life. From everywhere around us, advertisements of diverse types come naturally to our life. In spite of it, there is an attractive power, which is able to manipulate the consumer; an invisible voice of advertisement advocates, encourages, asks, announces and deeply embeds into peoples’ minds. Advertising unifies language, pictures, music; it contains information, invokes emotions and imaginations, it can capture all five human senses. In order to enhance the appeal of an advertisement, advertising writers pay much attention not only to such expressive devices as plates, color and the layout of a printed page, but also to the choice of words or phrases or sentences, to make an advertisement beautiful and attractive. In the practice of the advertising, people pay more and more attention to the use of figures of speech with every effort to make the advertising succinct, accurate and vivid and to provide rich imagination and plentiful associations for readers so as to stimulate their desire. In terms of advertising language, advertising texts are of great value for the analyses from marketing experts, sociologist, etc. and last but not least linguists. Sociologists may be interested in the fact, how advertising influences the values, attitudes and behavior of the society. And marketing experts and advertising agencies are interested in the language of advertising to find the tricks how to make advertising more effective. On the other hand, linguists are interested in language of advertising because they want to know how particular language works in this type of discourse, which linguistic means are used here and how advertising language is changing in the course time.










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