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[Fshare]A study on grammatical and prosodic means as cohesives devices in narrative discourse

Linguistics has become a big scientific area and thanks to many linguists, there have been a lot of studies, researches, books, article, etc about linguistics. In the past, linguistics and language studying have mostly examined in terms of phonological, lexical and syntactic features and sentences which are preferably taken out of the context. Then the theory of Chomsky of the power of linguistics and some other researches born and have gradually changed the previous views. Nowadays, linguistics has been studied “in their full textual, social and psychological context” (Cook: 1989: ix). It means that language now is studied comprehensively how people communicate successfully, what parameters help them to take language into communication or in other word discourse, “the language in use for communication” (Cook. 1989). Discourse has been approached by many linguists as Halliday, M.A.K (1985), Crytal, D (1992), Coulthard, M. (1985), Moore, J. et al. (1980), Reichman, R (1985), etc. They have contributed a lot on the theory of discourse. In Vietnam, we have Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Hoa, Assoc. Prof. Dr Vo Dai Quang, Dr. Hoang Van Van, Dr. Tran Ngoc Them. And there are some other studies on discourse as Bui, N. A. (2003), Dam, T.H. (2007), etc. Cohesion is an important factor of discourse which has attracted a lot of attention of linguists. The most significant research on cohesion is “Cohesion in English” by Halliday and Hasan (1976). In which, grammatical items are analyzed in terms of the way they link sentences together. Besides that, Halliday and Hasan (1976) also give “a brief discussion of the cohesive function of intonation”. And Coulthard, M. (2001) also introduces the significance of intonation in discourse. These researches theoretically discuss how grammatical means and intonation can relate meanings within one sentence or within sentences to make them coherent. Moreover, they also get the practical value that help language user to apply these theories into everyday communication to gain the best result. People who can use grammatical and intonation as effective means of cohesion, can easier get successful in communication. Doing this thesis, I wish to understand more about cohesion as well as to improve my ability to use language as an effective mean of communication but understanding about cohesion is not an easy task to do. In this thesis, I examine here the four types of grammatical cohesion: reference, substitution, ellipsis and conjunction in terms of their cohesive function. And intonation is an important factor in creating cohesion that can’t be ignored. It is impossible to say that the thesis can cover all factors relating to grammatical means and intonation as cohesive devices in narrative discourse but I do hope that it can benefit something for the readers.








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