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[Fshare]Using While- Reading Techniques to Improve Reading Comprehension for the 11th Form Students at Phan Dang Luu High School

Nowadays, English is the most popular language in the world. As an effective means of international communication, it is used as the official language in many fields of life such as economics, politics, science, technology, sports and many others. This leads to an increasing demand of learning English. There are more and more people who learn English and consider it as an inevitable factor in their work and life. In Vietnam, English has been brought into the school curriculum as a compulsory subject, and the teaching and learning of that international language has been recently paid great attention to. When teaching English, the teacher teaches his students not only the English language but also its usage. And under the right guidance, right help of the teacher, the students have to try their best to master 4 language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking in order to communicate in English successfully. Among these four skills, reading plays an important role in enriching the students’ general knowledge and in helping them with their further study later. Owing to the importance of reading itself, the growing interest in learning English in Vietnam creates a wide learning environment. It can be seen that the teaching of reading of reading comprehension has been paid in increasing attention to its different aspects. As time goes by, many experts and methodologists have come to understand that reading comprehension is important not only at schools but also afterwards. That is reading helps students as readers develop their language ability in general and comprehension skills in particular at schools as well as gives them other benefits to avoid cultural and language bias, etc. in daily communication.







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