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[Fshare]What difficulties are experienced by teachers in teaching grammar communicatively and then to give some suggestions to reduce the difficulties

The economic open- door policy pursued by the government of Vietnam has increased a demand for studying English. Many people are expected to be competent to communicate verbally with the outside world and to access technology. In correspondence to this trend, in almost all of schools, colleges, universities, English is a compulsory subject. HGMSS, where I have been working for 7 years, is not an exception. Besides the aim of passing their exams and getting some further studies for their future life, all students have a desire to be integrated into the culture, the civilization, and the people of English speaking countries. They expect to have a good knowledge of English to read books and magazines, to see films or to sing English songs, etc. As a result, learning English now is not only an interest but also a practical need for many people. Together with the growing demand for learning English, there has been an innovation in English teaching and learning methods everywhere in Vietnam. For a long time, language teaching in Vietnam was strongly influenced by the structuralist tradition. Emphasis was placed on mastery of language structures. Students have been taught how to form correct utterances and to understand the structures of the language without any consideration of language use. Students have been asked to learn every single word by heart, and translate or analyze grammatically every sentence in the text. The teacher has often taken up almost all the time in class explaining the form of language to students who were passive recipients. As a result, this kind teaching and learning, of course, has been the “production” of students who were structurally competent but communicatively incompetent.





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