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MASH v2.2 For Maya 2012 – 2014 – Win64

MASH v2.2 For Maya 2012 – 2014 – Win64
MASH is a suite of 24 Maya nodes developed in-house at Mainframe aimed at enabling our artists to create versatile ‘motion design’ style animations. It offers a selection of effector nodes which can be daisy chained together to generate a wide variety of customisable effects. It’s fully controllable from both Maya’s Attribute and Node Editors.
Whether you’re a motion graphics artist missing the functionality of other 3d apps or someone looking to create complex but flexible systems MASH will have something for you.

MASH is compatible with Maya 2012, 2013 (.5) and 2014 for OSX 10.7+ & Windows (64-bit).
MASH is entirely procedural meaning everything is live in the viewport. Want to increase the noise on your instances? Just adjust the values in Maya’s Attribute Editor and see your changes immediately.

Home Page: _

Download Links:
Mã: 2.2 for Maya 2012 – 2014 x64.rar 2.2 for Maya 2012 – 2014 x64.rar


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