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Khóa Học Online Miễn Phí Khóa Học Tiếng Hàn: Korean Language For Intermediate 1 Từ Đại Học Sungkyunkwan (SKKU)

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) was established in 1398 as the highest national educational institute in the early years of Joseon Dynasty in Korea. At present with the support of the world-renowned global company Samsung, SKKU is leading the development of higher education in Korea. SKKU actively encourages international collaboration through developing cutting-edge research and educational programs with its global partners.

About this Course

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn Korean. This course is useful for learners who want to improve their communication skills on personal topics frequently encountered in their daily life after learning basic Korean. Through this class, you can use expressions such as introducing, talking about experiences, and comforting, and you will be able to increase your understanding of basic Korean culture. This course is organized in the order of core expression, conversation, grammar, and self-assessment. The entire course is six weeks long, and consists of two sub-themes within one major topic, so there are a total of 12 lessons. Improve your Korean language skills with this course!

Chief Contents Developer: Su Mi Lee Contents Developers: Pil Yeo Shin, Hye Kyung Park Production Assistant: Mi Seon Lee Part of this course was developed with K-MOOC(Korean MOOC) funds.

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