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English for Business Meetings (Book+Audio)

Title: English for Business Meetings
Author(s): Jeff McQuillan
Publisher: ESLPod
Pages: 80
Date: 2007
Size: 137 Mb
Format: html text + MP3
Quality: Excellent
Language: American English presents “Business Meetings,” a special 10-episode course to teach you business vocabulary in English. Dr. Jeff McQuillan, from the Center for Educational Development in beautiful Los Angeles, California, will be the host for this series. In this course, you will learn vocabulary for formal and informal business meetings. Each lesson has three parts:
First, we will read a story or a dialogue slowly. Second, we will give an explanation of what happened in the meeting and the vocabulary used; and third, we will repeat the dialogue or story at a normal speed for native speakers.Each lesson will have both a formal and an informal meeting, so you can hear the differences between, for example, a more formal meeting with your boss or the head of the company, and a more informal meeting with your co-workers or fellow employees. The lesson will begin with the formal meeting first, followed by the informal meeting dialogue or story.
This course teaches you both formal and informal business English needed to participate in business meeting. The course follows two meetings from start to finish:
• Meeting A is a formal meeting.
• Meeting B is an informal meeting.
The formal business English used in Meeting A is appropriate for important meetings, such as for presentations at conferences or at annual company meetings. The business English used in Meeting B is useful for smaller meetings, such as daily office meetings or for interacting with your co-workers.
Contents of Book
Lesson 1 – Starting a meeting
Lesson 2 – Introducing the participants
Lesson 3 – Beginning a presentation/Outlining the agenda
Lesson 4 – Giving a presentation – Part A
Lesson 5 – Giving a presentation (talking about visuals) – Part B
Lesson 6 – Ending a presentation
Lesson 7 – Managing a discussion
Lesson 8 – Taking questions
Lesson 9 – Ending a topic/Planning for the future
Lesson 10 – Ending a meeting
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