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Business Class (Book+Audio)

Title: Business Class
Level: Upper-Intermediate to Advanced
Author(s): David Cotton and Sue Robbins
Publisher: Longman University Press
Date: August 2000
Pages: 188
Size: 57.26 Mb
Format: PDF + MP3
Quality: Good, well-scanned, readable, 22kHz/32kbps
Language: British English
This course book is for a topic- and skills-based course for business professionals and students of business. It aims to develop students’ competence in English, as well as their business communication skills, while at the same time enlarging their knowledge of the business world.
The coursebook comprises 15 units as follows:
12 units which focus on business topics such as Corporate Strategy, Marketing Ethics and Pan-European Advertising. The topics are developed through a variety of reading and listening materials, culminate in case studies which involves the students in role-play simulation or problem-solving activities.
3 units which provide training in the key business skills required for negotiations, presentations and meetings. The emphasis is on improving both the organisational and language skills needed for students to perform more effectively in the world of international business.
Key features:
• Extensive use of authentic material
• Development of all four language skills
• Focus on advanced grammar and vocabulary
• Oral and written activities based on case-study materials
• Emphasis on developing key business communication skills
• Writing tasks based on the London Chamber of Commerce English for Business examination (levels 2 and 3)
• Contains a tapescript and answer key
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