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[Share]Learn and Master Piano with Will Barrow | 14 DVDs |+38GB

Learn and Master Piano with Will Barrow | + 38GB
14 DVDs | High Quality Video Course | 5 CDs | 104 Page Lesson Book

Learn & Master Piano with Will Barrow was recently released in November of 2007. This is another great music course from Legacy Learning Systems. This is the company that created and developed the highly successful Learn & Master Guitar course.

Learn & Master Piano is by far the best course for learning piano we have seen. Learn & Master Piano is a very thorough course and is suitable for beginner to advanced students. The course contains fourteen DVDs, five play-along CDs and a 104 page book.

The instructor Legacy Learning System has hired for this course is grammy award winning piano player Will Barrow. Will Barrow is a highly skilled pianist who's resume includes singing, composing and piano instruction.

The 14 DVD'S are broken down into 28 sessions:

Session 1. First Things First
Session 2. Major Progress
Session 3. Scaling The Ivories
Session 4. Left Hand and Right Foot
Session 5. Minor Adjustments
Session 6. Upside Down Chords
Session 7. The Piano as Singer
Session 8. Black is Beautiful
Session 9. Black Magic
Session 10. Making The Connection
Session 11. Let it Be
Session 12. Breaking Up's Not Hard to Do
Session 13. Rockin' the Piano
Session 14. A Bit of Beethoven
Session 15. Pretty Chords
Session 16. The Dominant Sound
Session 17. Getting The Blues
Session 18. Boogie-Woogie and Bending
Session 19. Minor Details
Session 20. The Left Hand as Bass
Session 21. The Art of Ostinato
Session 22. Harmonizing
Session 23. Modern Pop Piano
Session 24. Walkin' the Blues & Key Shakin'
Session 25. Ragtime, Stride and Diminished
Session 26. Jazz Piano
Session 27. Hot and Cool Piano
Session 28. Building Bridges

The DVD's also contain workshop portions of each session that are meant to be used during the students daily practice time. Generally, the workshop times are around 20 minutes in length and help students to practice the main points of each session.

Another great feature of this course is the addition of "Nuggets". These are small bits of important information that from time to time will appear on the screen as you are going through the lessons. As you go through the course Mr. Barrow will often refer back to these "Nuggets". This is a great feature of the course as it really helps to reinforce certain important point of the course.

Play Along Cd's

This is the fun part of the Learn & Master Piano course. The play along cd's contain 120+ tracks of all the songs students learn while going through the course. Each song on the play along cd's contains one version with the reference piano part and vocal cues and another version without the piano and vocal cues. Students also have the option of playing along at different tempos. Each track allows you to play at slow, medium and fast so that students can gradually pick up the pace as they improve.


The entire course was obviously very well thought out and must have taken quite a long time to develop. The filming quality and camera angles are excellent and it's always very easy to see what Mr. Barrow is playing on the keyboard. The way the virtual keyboard shows up on screen above the actual keyboard is very helpful. This makes it really easy to see exactly what notes or chords Mr. Barrow is playing as students follow along.

The course is suitable for beginners, intermediate players and even advanced players. It's recommended that you go through the course from the beginning to end but if a student is already familiar with the basics, the first few sessions could probably be skipped.

Learn & Master Piano is by far the most thorough course we have seen for learning to play the piano. There is also a members forum where students can discuss the course and the instructor Will Barrow is often posting his thoughts or answering questions from students. This is a great addition to the course. You can't ask a DVD a question if you have one but you can post your questions to the Learn & Master Piano forum and have it answered.

The only real downside to the Learn & Master Piano Course is that it's expensive. The course usually sells for $249 but you can sometimes find it on sale for $199. If you buy the course please visit and let us know your thoughts!

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