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iTALK-DTU-Pronunciation Training (PART 3/7)

Dưới dây là những kĩ thuật, và các bài tập ứng dụng trong giao tiếp, các bạn đã được cô Pamela huấn luyện trong buổi training đầu tiên. Hope this helps!!




A.       BREATHING TECHNIQUES / Exercise  in reduce speed and anxiety


A good pattern of breathing is needed to produce an effective voice. This involves using the diaphragm, a sheet of muscle found at the bottom of the ribcage and allowing the lungs to expand fully.


Exercise 1 : Looking I the mirror, take a deep breath, in through the nose for a count of 3, filling the lungs, and feeling the chest expanding sideways and upwards. You should also feel the stomach area move outwards when you breathe in. Then slowly release the breathe through an open mouth from 3 counts on a whispered “ AH” sound. As the lungs gradually empty, feel the chest relaxing and the stomach area returns to its normal position.


Exercise 2 :  ( to be repeated 5 times) : Repeat the above exercise , but this time count out loud 1, 2, 3 as you breath out, feeling the energy and power of the voice being directed cross the room. Each time, always use up all the breath in the lungs. Continue counting out loud as you breathe out, adding 1 count each time, until you reach the count 10.


Exercise 3 : Repeat the exercise but this time instead of counting vocalize the days of the week in one breath, followed by the months of the year in one breath, followed by the months of the year in one breath.



The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know

Nguyễn Thị Hương Quỳnh (Quin Nguyen)


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