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Ngày gia nhập: 17/09/2015
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[Online] Cuộc Thi Future Ready Asean Competition 2020 Với Giải Thưởng USD 3,000 (Miễn Phí Tham Dự)


We are inviting you, ASEAN youth, to apply for the #FutureReadyASEAN Competition 2020! Create and submit a video that presents a data-driven solution that helps promote ASEAN’s culture and heritage, and get the chance to win a total prize of USD 3,000!
Under the theme of “Promoting ASEAN’s Culture and Heritage through Data Science,” this competition provides an opportunity for all data science enthusiasts in the region to contribute your skills and knowledge to solve some of the pressing issues in the region through a data-driven solution!  



To participate, applicants are required to develop and submit a 3-5-minute video showcasing innovative data-driven solutions that can help promote ASEAN’s culture and heritage. To be eligible for this competition, you are also required to complete a few online courses at, which can be accessed for free. Completing these courses will help you thrive in this competition!  
So, what are you waiting for? Submit your video before 11 September 2020 at




For further info about this competition, visit






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