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[Online] Cơ Hội Nhận $1,500 Từ Cuộc Thi Khoa Học Dữ Liệu ASEAN Data Science Explorers 2020 (Miễn Phí Tham Dự)

To unlock the youth’s potential and create a positive social impact in Southeast Asia, SAP and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Foundation announced a partnership in 2017 to run a flagship program, ASEAN Data Science Explorers (ASEAN DSE). This initiative has educated more than 10,000 young people across 250 institutes of higher learning in ASEAN countries to increase their digital literacy and cultivate a greater sense of responsibility and ownership of the region’s future.

By using the SAP Analytics Cloud, the competition calls for data-driven proposals, targeting tertiary students across the 10 ASEAN Member States, to develop solutions towards ASEAN growth and development to improve people’s lives. The proposals highlight pressing social and economic issues in ASEAN across the six selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:




The objectives of the ASEANDSE are multi-fold and aligned to the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The ASEANDSE also has a training programme segment, which aims to build ICT capacity for youths in the region, bridging the digital divide and prepare them for the Digital Economy, supporting the ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2020 and ASEAN Work Plan on Youth and Education 2016-2020.


Design an innovative and an implementable solution based on data-driven insights to tackle ASEAN socio-economic issues in one or more of these thematic areas:

  1. good health and well-being,
  2. quality education,
  3. gender equality,
  4. decent work and economic growth,
  5. industry, innovation and infrastructure,
  6. sustainable cities and communities

Your innovative idea will be judged on the best all-rounded concept. Entries will be judged on the creativity, feasibility and the team's ability to demonstrate the implementation of the solution.


  1. Submit a storyboard of not more than 10 pages including the cover page
  2. Your storyboard must contain charts/graphs/diagrams which are clearly visible and readable
  3. Your solution must derive from a data-driven problem-solving approach using SAP Analytics Cloud
  4. Your storyboard should demonstrate how your solution would be rolled-out

For example, if you are proposing for a mobile application to solve one or more of the UN SDGs, we highly encourage you to design a prototype that demonstrates how the application may meet the needs outlined in your problem statement.

If you are proposing for the implementation of a policy, we highly encourage you to demonstrate how you plan for the policy to be advocated to multi-stakeholders and institutionalized.

For detailed information on the respective areas, please visit:

  1. Terms & Condition
  2. Judging Criteria
  3. Submissions Guide
  4. Eligibility




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