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Cấp độ: 28 - Kỹ năng: 7

Kinh nghiệm: 154/280 (55%)
Kĩ năng: 38/70 (54%)
Ngày gia nhập: 17/09/2015
Bài gởi: 3934
Được cảm ơn: 248
[Toàn Quốc] Cơ Hội Giành Chuyến Đi Đến Pháp & Singapore Từ Cuộc Thi Vietnam Young Lions 2020/21 (Tổng Giá Trị Giải Thưởng 1,2 Tỷ)

Annually more than 400 contestants, nominated by local representatives from around the globe, will gather in Cannes Lions to compete and prove their limitless creativity by solving a brief within 24-48 hours. The Gold-winning team members will collect their medals on stage during a prestigious Cannes Lions awards ceremony.

The biggest and most prestigious national competition in field of marketing and communication.

To search for the best young professionals under 30 to represent Vietnam in the Young Lions competitions in Cannes, France and Young Spikes competitions in Singapore.
To become a launcher for Vietnamese talents come to the world and make their imprints.



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