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Cấp độ: 27 - Kỹ năng: 7

Kinh nghiệm: 155/270 (57%)
Kĩ năng: 38/70 (54%)
Ngày gia nhập: 17/09/2015
Bài gởi: 3665
Được cảm ơn: 248
[Online] Cơ Hội Nhận Giải Thưởng €5.000 Từ Cuộc Thi Thiết Kế Sản Phẩn Thân Thiện Với Môi Trường Next Generation Dispenser 2020

A global packaging leader in the dispensing technologies invites you to participate in the new packaging design award and to design a new actuator for aerosol packaging with a focus on on-shelf / on-line style, environmental sustainability and user experience.

Organiser are looking for a disruptive actuator/dispensing cap design, capable of distinguishing itself for its unique shape and appeal, suggesting new gestures and experiences, in a general effort towards creating a more environmentally sustainable, safe and healthy, consumer aerosol packaging solution (next generation aerosols may be air powered and fully recyclable).


You are invited to design a new easy-to-use actuator/dispensing cap for aerosol packaging (pressurised packaging) with a view to proposing a highly recognisable and environmentally friendly product that the customer can easily identify and perceive as novelty in all respects, which represents the major challenge of this competition.
As a reference for the full packaging design take into consideration both the current metal-based bottles and new recyclable PET based non-cylindrical containers.

Aerosol products range: Your actuator for aerosol packaging can be used in one or several circumstances (home, travel, public spaces, etc.), in one or several applications, including: Hair Styling, Dry Shampoo, Body Care, Deodorant, Sun Care, Foam, Shaving, Air Freshener, Surface Cleaning, Insect control, Paint, etc.

Style and shapes: your actuator shall be visually different, be perceived as a special product on the shelves and on the e-commerce, as something that really brings novelty in terms of style and visibility for the whole industry. Even in the smallest size, the actuator shall be unique, recognisable and attractive for the customer. Generally, you are free to suggest the style and shapes you prefer, exploring a wide range of aesthetic solutions. However, keep into consideration also the need for the actuator to be customised for different brands and be used across several product typologies. Besides, brands should be able to customise the cap changing colour/s and face, using different finishes (for ex. metallised, textures, etc.), inserting their logos or in other ways.

In addition to proposing a fully functional and safe actuator, you can explore the following possibilities:

- Reusable actuator/dispensing cap: your solution might be reusable on another bottle after use;
- Modulate spray rate and/or spray pattern diameter: the user may change how much and in what way the formula is dispensed;
- Actuator changes dispensing modality: by using the actuator the user may decide how the formula should be dispensed, ex. from spray to foam, gel, etc.
- Actuator becomes an applicator: the actuator may provide an additional functionality/tool to apply the formula, for example to cover grey hair at roots, apply the make-up, paint, etc.

How to use: you are invited to suggest new gestures and experiences related to the use of your actuator, in order to create a further novelty element and elicit a more rewarding user experience.

Actuator requirements: your actuator shall be safe for transit and e-commerce, suitable for bulk pallet storage and shipping. The actuator shall not have any cover-cap, as it would represent an element of inconvenience to the user experience. The actuator should be easy to use (light force and ergonomics) and easy to direct. Sustainability requirements: your actuator shall be designed with a view to environmental sustainability, which means one or a combination of the following aspects: it shall have no cover-cap (which might be lost), be realised preferably with sustainable materials, have a lightweight design, minimise the amount of material required, possibly take into account the need to easily separate the materials for recycling, ideally be reusable.

Actuator size: your actuator shall have a diameter from 1 inch to 3 inches and from 0.7 inches to 3 inches tall. However, keep in consideration that the most ubiquitous and strategic size (for the market and thus for this contest) is the 1 inch diameter dispenser.

Materials and production technologies: you are free to suggest new materials, recyclable plastics or other sustainable materials, but they should be compatible with mass production technologies, in particular with injection moulding. The new actuator shall preferably be single-material (easier to recycle), be lightweight and have maximum 3 components, avoiding complex assembly.

Surface finishes: in view of enriching the user experience, you may suggest the combination of different finishes, for ex. combination of matte and glossy or other textures, the use of bi-injected materials, with soft touch finishes or other patterned textures.

Values to convey: your actuator shall be perceived as a new product, designed with a great care for detail and aesthetics. A secure-for-transit solution, good and sustainable for the planet, easy and pleasant to use. It shall be perceived as a safe, healthy and green product. It shall be intuitive, engaging and interactive, functional and convenient, an affordable yet a quality product.

Submission requirements:

Upload all the images that better present your projects, showing your actuator in a full packaging solution (integrating the bottle in metal or plastic). For presentation purposes, you are also invited to give a name to your concept and at your discretion, to provide a headline, description, list of benefits and what makes you passionate about it. You are invited to also provide renderings, 3D files and other materials useful for the final evaluation, to be included inside the .ZIP archive.

Participants can present one or more projects, but only the projects published on the web site, via the upload page related to “Next Generation Dispenser” will be accepted.

All texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

Evaluation criteria:

• Consumer safe / Environmentally sustainable (5/5)
• Aesthetics (disruptive) (5/5)
• Functionality/usability (4/5)
• Size of the market potential (4/5)
• Degree of innovation (4/5)

There is no entry fee to participate!

It's Free To Enter!

Deadline : 5/3/2020 

Eligibility •

This packaging design award is open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older.

• Prize •

The 1st prize winner will recive €5.000 in a cash prize.

For the duration of the option right, the Sponsor offers an extra chance to all participants setting a fee of Euro 3,000 for the purchase of the license for the economical exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals.

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