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Jixipix Desktop Stand Alone Collection

Jixipix Desktop Stand Alone Collection | 1.42 Gb

These are the stand-alone versions of most of Jixipix Desktop image effects programs. They are pretty cool and do some interesting things. The website is a little confusing as to how they bundle their software. I have included 16 of their 18 stand-alone products. What is MISSING? Hand Tint and Snow Daze. I will upload if I get them. Let me know if you have problems or find the missing two.
All 16 have individual keygens. Not sure why Fallen did not just create a single keygen, but who am I to complain. Never-the-less they all send Avast screaming about the apocalypse. So, if your paranoid then run them in a Sandbox like I did. Don't kill the messenger.
Pack (Desktop) Includes:

  • Artista Haiku - Create a stylized watercolor with inky outlines.
  • Artista Oil - Turn a photo into an oil painted masterpiece.
  • Artista Sketch - Convert your photo into a drawing with light wispy shading.
  • Dramatic Black & White - Make a black & white photo with light contrast and form.
  • Grungetastic - Rock your photo with unwell textures and tones.
  • Kyoobik Photo - Turn a mundane photo into 3D popping geometric shapes.
  • Moku Hanga - Transform a photo into a painted Japanese wood carved scene.
  • NIR Color - Convert a photo into a magical and surreal infrared scene.
  • Pop Dot Comics - Create a comic with colored halftones and speech bubbles.
  • Portrait Paint - Auto paint a gallery-style portrait on linen canvas. [Req. 64-Bit].
  • Rainy Daze - Give your photo the power and emotion of a rainy day.
  • Romantic Photo - Add romance to your photo with dreamy mood and ambiance.
  • Simply HDR - Turn a photo into unparalleled ranges of light and detail.
  • Vintage Scene - Take a photo back in time with age and fade.
  • Aquarella - Add a water color look to all your images for that artsy look.
  • Artoon - Turn you photos into cartoons with amazing style with bold colors.


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